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"A Salute to the Popcorn Guy"
by T.J. Glass
Popcorn Guy

Drunk Fan having a Great Time at WSU vs. Stanford

(Seattle) --

As the Sept. 29th Washington State University football match with Stanford at Seattle's Century Link Field entered it's fourth quarter, little did anyone know the top story the following days would have nothing to do with the blowout loss by the Cougs. Nor would it be about the back-to-back injuries to both the WSU starting and backup quarterbacks in just 3 plays.

Nope, the talk was all about... a man and his bag of popcorn. A man now simply known as "The Popcorn Guy".

With over half a million views on YouTube and counting (see full video to left) and thanks to targeting by ESPNs video editing staff and sports commentators, it would only be minutes before this video clip showed up on YouTube giving him the title of "Drunk Fan".

But, before you go mocking the Popcorn Guy, or, call him an embarassment to his alma mater, take a few seconds to consider this...

Popcorn Guy does not deserve to be labeled as "Drunk Guy" or anything demeaning or degrading for that matter. Because, compared to all the fans who gave up on their team and left early from the game, or, changed the channel at home, or even cursed their team under their breath...

It was Popcorn Guy who endured, who refused to abandon his team without, who remained steadfast in his seat, and who carried on. In plain words, Popcorn Guy is nothing less than a God. "The Popcorn God".

And if this doesn't convince you, maybe you should digest the words of the usually stoic Coach Mike Leach, upon viewing the Popcorn Guy in action (refernce full video to right)... and I quote "That guy's Awesome!"

Coach Leach praises Popcorn Guy as "Awesome!"

Popcorn Guy

So, if You, "Popcorn Guy", are reading this, please be known that you should have no shame. It is you who deserves to hold your head up high, cheer on your team, raise that clear bag of overpriced buttered popcorn, toss it back at will... relax and carry on! Because fans like you are exactly what the Washington State Football program needs standing behind them as they continue to endure, to claw and scratch and to do whatever it takes to climb out of that hole all WSU alumni are well aware of and make this year be "The Year". The year WSU wins some games nobody else thought they deserved. The year WSU gets those magic 6 wins. And the Year we see you, Popcorn Guy, at that (fill in the blank) bowl game, tipping back a big beautiful bowlgame-labeled bag of luscious golden corn, and not leaving that seat until the janitors or scurity have to physically remove you. Popcorn Guy, it is We who Salute YOU! (enter national anthem music)

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